Customer And Partners

Engage, retain and grow your customer, partner or reseller networks
and drive more value and ROI for your organization
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Drive brand affinity with active engagement

Bring your partners or customers globally under your branded private community and drive targeted value by creating multiple groups based on locations, business segments or interests.

Curate all your knowledge resources

Organize and showcase all your knowledge resources for customers and partners. Curate lists of content on the latest industry trends through collections to keep your community informed.

Enable seamless private communication

Members can browse and discover profiles and companies of other community members and send private messages directly on the community platform to connect and grow networks.

Manage your online community on the fly

All your community members can stay connected not only through the web platform but also using Android or iOS apps. Keep them updated with integrated push notifications.

Engage your online community

Features like course curation and quizzes helps you effortlessly engage your community

Manage your online and offline events

Create and manage all your online and offline events

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